RED-C Roundup, June 13, 2017

RED-C Roundup is a live show on RED-C Catholic Radio headquartered in College Station, Texas. On 06-13-17, host Gene Wilhelm spoke with Daryl and Lori Nagle, longtime Catholic youth ministers, first in Dallas and now Waco, Texas. The Nagles talked about how they met and married; their entry into youth ministry during the 1980s at the same time that they tried to discern God's plan for their family; the marvelous circumstances surrounding the birth of their first child; and the wonderful and surprising ways that God has been present in every stage of their lives together. They returned often to the realization that youth ministry gave them a chance to spiritually parent many children as well as witness the Faith in a profound way to their natural children. If you are in need of reassurance that God has a plan for your life and that He is with you through thick and thin, then listen in!

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